the professional IT-solution - MADE IN GERMANY

The EM PRO midi PC is specially designed for use as:
  • Portable Micro-Tower for the home office
  • Micro-Tower for construction (CAD, CAM, ...) and creative industries (image processing, media, ...)
  • PC systems in production areas (24/7 capable)
  • Powerful workstation computer (high multicore and graphics performance)
  • PC for retail and specialized trade (e.g. for cash register system, service point, etc.)
  • Compact computer for treatment rooms in practices and hospitals
  • IoT edge device
  • Small server for companies, schools, educational institutions, public authorities, ...
  • Network monitoring server, NAS server, edge server
  • Production data acquisition / production data acquisition / PDA terminal / process visualization
  • Building control computer / building automation computer / Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)
  • Digital signage device
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