EM PRO midi - the professional IT-solution - MADE IN GERMANY

The EM PRO product family includes robust and reliable Box PCs in the very compact (partly fanless) design eNUC / embedded NUC, which are based on industrial solutions but have been optimized for the requirements and use in corporate IT.

The EM PRO midi PC is specially designed for use as:
  • Portable Micro-Tower for the home office
  • Micro-Tower for construction (CAD, CAM, ...) and creative industries (image processing, media, ...)
  • PC systems in production areas (24/7 capable)
  • Powerful workstation computer (high multicore and graphics performance)
  • PC for retail and specialized trade (e.g. for cash register system, service point, etc.)
  • Compact computer for treatment rooms in practices and hospitals
  • IoT edge device
  • Small server for companies, schools, educational institutions, public authorities, ...
  • Network monitoring server, NAS server, edge server
  • Production data acquisition / production data acquisition / PDA terminal / process visualization
  • Building control computer / building automation computer / Computer-Aided Facility Management (CAFM)
  • Digital signage device
The EM PRO midi series is currently available in the versions:
AMD Ryzen™ embedded V1000
AMD Ryzen™ embedded V2000
AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000
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