EM PRO mini® BoxPC - the professional IT-solution - MADE IN GERMANY

The EM PRO product family includes robust and reliable Box PCs in the very compact (partly fanless) design eNUC / embedded NUC, which are based on industrial solutions but have been optimized for the requirements and use in corporate IT.

Depending on the CPU series (AMD Ryzen™ embedded R1000 / R2000 / V1000 / V2000) and CPU model variant, the EM PRO mini® BoxPCs are designed for many different areas of application:
  • PC systems in production areas (24/7 capable)
  • Compact workstation for offices (high multi-core performance, small dimensions, optional VESA mounting)
  • PC for retail and specialized trade (e.g. for cash register system, service point, etc.)
  • Compact computer for treatment rooms in practices and hospitals
  • IoT Edge Node
  • Small server for companies, schools, educational institutions, authorities, ...
  • Thin Client / Lean Client
  • Network monitoring server
  • Dashboard display in plant (production planning)
  • Production data acquisition / production data acquisition / PDA terminal / process visualization
  • Building management computer / building automation computer / computer-aided facility management (CAFM)
  • Time recording system / personnel information system
  • Digital signage device
  • POS / Point of Sale
The EM PRO mini® is a high-quality BoxPC system for commercial IT applications developed and manufactured in Germany.
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